Virtual CFO

Working with businesses and professionals like you, we can help manage your growth, help foster change, solve important problems and help you keep a pulse on the financial picture of your business without having to take your eyes off the other important factors of running your business.

MMD will provide you with the quality and experience that will help you navigate through the many financial issues facing you in the current business environment, without having to add significant costs to your payroll.  With cutting-edge technologies and skill sets, you can expect your virtual CFO to:

  • Provide oversight and review of your accounting and financial records
  • Prepare projections, break-even analysis and cash flow analysis
  • Review and help you understand your financial statements and trends
  • Improve accounting processes and efficiencies
  • Analyze debt and equity structure to explore potential financial deals
  • Develop tax reduction strategies and monitor tax compliance
  • Work with you to discuss ongoing strategic and business planning

Contact us to explore how our affordable Virtual CFO Services can benefit you and your company.  For more information please contact Wendy Alfonso at 504-588-9288 or